Friday, June 5, 2015

Get to know the Scooter News Network

So what is our Scooter News Network? Scooter News Network (SNN) is a series of children's television pilots featuring our beloved character, Scooter D. Pup.
the light gray puppet of Scooter from Scooter & Boots, wearing a red collar
"Hi! I'm Scooter (of Scooter & Boots)!"
What began as a lark at the 2014 Licensing Expo has turned into a pilot for children’s TV, and we've been gaining momentum for the past year! Scooter News Network (SNN) will be presented for the first time at Licensing Expo 2015 through a partnership between Tails of Whimsy and SaviRanch Studios. The TV pilot provides fun and factual content with puppet Scooter D. Pup as a news anchor presenting features and stories relating to animal rescue and care worldwide.

SNN’s format would be considered a cross between a nightly news cast combined with interview segments such as seen on the Today Show. Regular features include: Health, Sports, Celebrity Animal and Book Reports as well as cooking and crafts features, all with Scooter the puppet as news broadcaster and Roshelle Baier as co-anchor.

Check out a collection of some of our Scooter News Network pilots:

An Introduction to Scooter News Network

Book Report: Louise Loves Art by Kelly Light

Cook's Corner: Scooter Makes Hot Pink Hummus

Celebrity Repor: Cosmo the Dog Runs for President

Crafts Report: Scooter Makes DIY Heart Stamps

And if you'll be attending Licensing Expo 15, come find us at Booth G21. Scooter will be there, and he's eager to wag his tail with you!