Monday, August 3, 2015

Meet Writer and Artist Meagan Meehan

Writer, artist and friend Meagan Meehan
We make a lot of friends at trade shows, but rarely do we meet anyone as creative, professional, and intuitive as writer Meagan Meehan.  Arriving at our booth at Book Expo America 2015, she absorbed all she saw in Daryl’s illustrations and quickly determined that our shared interests would make us “fur-ever” friends. 
As you might guess, Meagan’s love of animals rates high among her vocations and avocations. Meagan also loves stories, humor, pop culture, and art and combines then seamlessly into her writing and other varied pursuits. She contacted us for an interview shortly after our return to Asheville. 

Here’s what Meagan had to say about Daryl: 
“Daryl Slaton is rare in the media world since he can work in the styles of both illustration and cartoon. Additionally, as author and illustrator, he creates all the characters and stories that appear in the properties. His rare versatility and creative flexibility make his work attractive to publishers, studios, manufacturers, retailers and agents.”

Meagan Meehan is a published author of poems, short stories, novels, and articles in numerous publications. She is also a cartoonist and an award-winning abstract artist. We love her passion for children’s stories, art and education. She’s a tour de force with consummate passion, commitment and creative talents.  Watch for her award-winning features at Explore Meagan’s colorful art on the RAWArtists site.