Monday, February 1, 2016

Interview: Meet Licensing Exec David Wollos

We recently had a chance to send a couple of Q&As to our savvy licensing agent, David Wollos, and the following are some of his insights into the licensing world. David will be representing Tails of Whimsy’s The Book Mytes at KidScreen in Miami, Feb 8-11
Thanks for all you do, David!
David Wollos will be representing our new book, The Book Mytes, at KidScreen in Miami Feb 8-11.
Tails of Whimsy (TOW): What is licensing? 
David Wollos: According to the Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association (LIMA): Licensing is the process of leasing a legally trademarked or copyrighted entity known as an intellectual property for publishing, animation, and products. Tails of Whimsy is the licensor of all of Daryl’s storybooks and characters to major companies, studios, and manufacturers for commercialization and brand extension. (David is our agent for The Book Mytes and our consultant on other properties.)

TOW: Can you name a few properties and brands that you have helped build? What was your role? Which are you proudest of?
DW: I was involved with the initial TV and video distribution of such properties as Transformers, GI Joe and My Little Pony. My fondest memory has to do with Bucky O'Hare, where I was involved in key negotiations with the BBC. This resulted in BBC broadcasting, licensing, and home video distribution.

Licensing Expo 2013 is where we discovered the power of licensing.

TOW: How do you find the properties you represent?
DW: I regularly attend Kidscreen Summit, NY Toy Fair, Book Expo, Licensing Expo, and on occasion Mipcom in Cannes, France, all trade shows designed to bring deal-makers together with content providers. I met Tails of Whimsy at Licensing Expo 2013 and have served as agent and consultant on several of their properties.

To set up an appointment about The Book Mytes with David Wollos at KidScreen, contact him at or (516) 379-0795.
Catch a sneak peek of The Book Mytes, the whimsical, cuddly creatures who are literally “into books!” The playfulness of The Book Mytes instills in children ages 4-8 a curiosity about words and a love of books. We’re excited about where The Book Mytes are going: email us if you’d like to learn more.