Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Speaking for Animals Who Have No Voice

Daryl met one such dog many years back at the Asheville Humane Society in Asheville where he went to photograph for a poster he produced to raise funds for shelters. As he approached this pup’s cage, the dog gently raised his paw, not exactly a “high five,” but enough to say,” Help me. Hold me. Adopt me,” with his soulful eyes. Feeling heartbroken, Daryl reached out and touched his paw Thus, Scooter and Boots’ Broken Heart Rescue was born. This instant connection lives on in "Asheville Serenade," an illustration that has been used at auctions to raise money for rescue shelters. He’s the black dog with the fiddle and hopefully, now he resides at his fur-ever home. The first Scooter (the dog) and Boots (the cat) cartoons emerged on this poster, too. Can you find them? 

Scooter and Boots first come to life in Daryl Slaton's 
illustration "Asheville Serenade"

Scooter and Boots grew in Daryl’s mind (and heart). He animated them to help the Louisiana SPCA in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Then, they appeared on a banner at Licensing Expo in 2012, basically as an “add-on” to enhance our Tails of Whimsy booth space. Their appeal was immediate, and licensors and publishers began to ask us about our brand. Huh? What brand?

Daryl shows off Scooter and Boots at
Licensing Expo in Las Vegas

But we didn’t let on how much we had to learn. Daryl returned from the show to write a manuscript and proposal for a series of ten books featuring Scooter and Boots: Brokenheart Pets Rescue. This is now our brand! 

Fast forward, and our company Tails of Whimsy has a collection of over 300 images, about half featuring Scooter and Boots. We have agents in discussion with publishers for a book and production studios for a movie. We’ve partnered with Dog Tag Art to create our own collection of BrokenHeart Pets id tags. We have our own studio partner, Savi Ranch in Anaheim. Together, we will be pitching our new TV show concept reel to networks, underwriters and sponsors. 

Yes, we’ve been working hard. Scooter News Network (SNN), the concept for network consideration, is a cross between your nightly newscast and interviews on the Today Show with added humor. His humor reflects Jimmy Kimmel and his persona channels Mr. Rogers. Scooter is a puppet who lends his voice to all animals, still delivering the same message of love and support for those that need homes. Segments run the gamut of features found on news shows and for our first reel, we offer reports such as sports, health and politics. Politics? That’s right! Our friend Cosmo (the dog), also illustrated by Daryl, has thrown his collar in the ring for president! Cooking segments and children’s book reports are also in production! 

Scooter the puppet anchors SNN News with co-anchor Roshelle Baier
Thanks for following and supporting our dream… and helping us give a voice and home to animals in need! 

Here's an introduction to Scooter News Network: the kind of content we'll cover, how we'll work to promote animal rescue, and why Scooter loves cheeseburgers so much.

Louise Glickman and Daryl Slaton


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