Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Find Scooter at Book Expo America 2015

Scooter the pup is attending Book Expo 2015 May 27 – 29, where he and artist Daryl Slaton are looking forward to introducing their well-loved brand, Scooter & Boots BrokenHeart Pets Rescue, and the Tails of Whimsy Storybook Studio to publishers!
We’re excited to offer our illustrated manuscripts as well as services to independents seeking:
Character creation
Editorial services

Meet some of our Tails of Whimsy Storybook Studio characters:

Scooter and Boots
Scooter the dog and Boots the cat are dedicated to helping homeless pets find forever homes. The Scooter and Boots brand was born in the licensing arena, and the engaging characters have already been warmly received by production studios as pilots for TV. Check out the Scooter News Network (SNN) for news segments on cooking, reading, animal rescue, crafts, and more!
And join Scooter and Boots on Facebook, where they shine a light on pet rescue, reading, and the awesome community of pet-lovers worldwide.

The Mighty Machines of Mackie McKeens (M4)
Mackie McKeens is a cuddly, industrious bear in green overalls. In his massive high-tech workshop he builds remarkable “mighty” machines for any use. Appealing to inquisitive children with imagination and whimsy, Mackie gets kids thinking early with his high-tech machines that solve problems with such efficiency that your immediate response is, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Helping him construct machines for land, sea and sky is his daredevil pilot Mika (his sister) and a crew of zany mini-robots.

Book Mytes
The Book Mytes are little creatures who LOVE to read. They’re so tiny that they live inside books, and they borrow words from those books to create their own stories. From sailing moonlit seas to spelling with a T-Rex, the Book Mytes make reading an adventure. Ask Daryl and Louise about Book Mytes and where they’re heading next!

Meet the Tails of Whimsy Storybook Studio leadership team:

Daryl Slaton is an artist with theatrical training and a great sense of humor. With years of work experience in all forms of media, Slaton embraces Tails of Whimsy with a full range of creative talents: art, illustration, animation, graphics and more.

Joe Rhatigan is a pro in children’s book publishing. With years of experience in writing, editing and book packaging, Joe’s talents range from finding just the right word to finding all the right words, from developmental editing to project management.

Louise Glickman is a writer and designer with a marketing background. Glickman also brings business management skills to Tails of Whimsy having owned a nationally known public relations company.

Find Tails of Whimsy Storybook Studio -- and Scooter the puppet! -- at BEA Booth 760.