Sunday, March 2, 2014

Scooter Talks to Laurey Masterton About Cooking Videos

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In March, The BrokenHeart Pets will launch their very own FAN CLUB starring Scooter and Boots, our lovable dog and cat characters that are looking for food, shelter and someone to love them. Their humorous and touching escapades bring joy to their hardscrabble lives… and ours!  Homelessness does not mean heartlessness for these two pals, proving that compassion comes from sharing with, caring for and loving animals.

Right now, we are focusing content on six short videos that will launch on YouTube about Scooter’s quest to find food. He visits local chefs here in Asheville to find out what they do with leftovers. One of these chefs, Laurey Masterton of Laurey’s Comfort Food in downtown Asheville and the author of  “The Fresh Honey Cookbook: 84 Recipes from a Beekeeper’s Kitchen,” was recently interviewed about her experiences taping with Scooter.

Q:  Laurey, when it comes to food, you and Scooter appear to be soul mates! How do you like working with Scooter in the BrokenHeart Pets videos on how to use leftovers?

A: (Laurey) I love puppets and like playing with them, especially Scooter.  He is so full of life and joy and is an eager fellow.  I am not used to making videos, however, and one of the most challenging things for me was doing shots over and over again - and trying to remember what I had said or done in the previous take.  It certainly teaches patience!!
Q: These videos are meant to reveal the relationship that Scooter has with his cat pal Boots. In the first BrokenHeart Pets book, Scooter and Boots are looking for food. They find leftover scraps and “pool” their “food finds” to feed each other and their friends. At the same time, each of your videos will also highlight your interests as a chef and beekeeper. How does the BrokenHeart Pets story “feed” into your love of food and bees?

A: (Laurey) My main message is that we need to take care of bees or we will not have any food to eat.  Bee colony collapse threatens food development all over the world. Hopefully this message will come across in the videos.  Cooking with honey helps sustain bee life and is easy for anyone to do. In that way, we can all help the bees.

Q: Is Honey good for pets?
Hmm.  I don't know - I DO know it is great for people!

Editor’s Note: Check out this article and others about the benefits of honey for animals:

Q) What do you do with leftovers on any given day at Laurey's? Are there lots of ways to transform recipes from one day to the next? How can Scooter best use his "Doggie Bag" to feed his pal Boots and their many friends?

A: (Laurey) If we do have leftovers, we make them into something else, just like in the video.  Vegetables scraps are saved for soup stocks.  Leftover soup can become gravy or part of a casserole.  And if we actually throw anything out, it goes into the compost.  Nothing is wasted in this way.  It is how we "take care of the Earth" which is an important part of our Vision at Laurey’s:  “Run a profitable business that makes and serves delicious foods.  We take care of each other, our customers, and The Earth.”

Editor: Recipes used in the videos with Laurey and Scooter may be downloaded from

The Fresh Honey Cookbook is available online and at independent booksellers. Copyright 2013 by Laurey Masterton. Special thanks to Lisa Ekus of The Lisa Ekus Group.

Laurey says Goodbye to Scooter.
We say Goodbye to Laurey, our dear friend. 
We will always remember your special talents, 
love of life 
and remarkable gifts.