Wednesday, September 18, 2013

BrokenHeart Pets in Vegas

I have spent a few days creating ancillary art to promote two of my characters that received a lot of interest at the Licensing Expo 2013 in Las Vegas this past June. Man, it was hot outside in Vegas! But inside, it was way "cool" with exhibitors from Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, Jim Henson. You name it! They were there! And, of course, US at Tails of Whimsy. Anyway, it was quite intimidating, just looking around during set up day on Monday. But even then, we felt a good vibe. A few of the other licensors came by and commented with words like "NEW," "Cool Characters," and the one we really liked, "Did one artist create all these properties?"

When the show opened, people came by our booth in the Art and Design section. We want to give a "shout out" to some of the special new friends we met: Leo Valencia at Radio Days, Missy Vaughan at Hamilton Collection, Emily Brenner at Harper Collins, David Wollos at The Think Tank and Frank Saperstein at Surprise Bag. Our book agent Jeanette Smith was there and we found out she has a special affinity for margaritas, especially when they came FREE from our friends at the Frieda Kahlo Licensing Group one aisle over! And Advanstar event manager Kelli Couchee cheered us on as "newbies" to Licensing Expo, making us feel comfortable, capable and creatively ready to take on the challenges of such a big show.

Anyway, two characters of the characters that received a lot of attention are Scooter & Boots, the BrokenHeart Pets. They are sad because they are homeless and nobody loves them. But they are optimistic and funny in their outlooks as they constantly "reinvent themselves" to find a forever home. They both have broken heart "tattoos," which show up as a graphic in their logo.

The first children's book manuscript for BrokenHeart Pets is in revision and the proposal even includes games. Check out Scooter and Boots at both the animation links (two videos) and images available for licensing. There on our website. And, let us know whether they make you smile, laugh or cry!!!

We are building our followers across many social media platforms. That's keeping Louise busy along with our specialist and new BFF, Tina Wolfe. When we get enough followers on Scooter and Boots, we plan to give them their own fan club site!!! Like us on Facebook and this will help us bring the BrokenHeart pets to the next stage.